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Orthodox Jews Live In Pico-Robertson, Not Downtown

From KPCC: Someone who does classify himself is Luke Ford, 46, who converted to Orthodox Judaism in 1993 after being raised as a Seventh-Day Adventist in Australia. The infamous blogger lives in the Pico-Robertson district that’s home to a myriad … Continue reading

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Every Bite We Take

Andrew Silow-Carroll writes: A gutsy op-ed in The New York Times has sharpened the debate over the Agriprocessors kosher meat factory scandal – and perhaps pointed the way toward rapprochement between Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jews. Written by an Orthodox rabbi, … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Jewish Events

From the Anshe.org blog: July 05, Shabbos This Shabbos, which marks the 200th Anniversary of Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch, Rabbi Weil will speak about the Hirschian legacy and how Hirsch irrevocably changed the way Torah Judaism & modernity interact. We … Continue reading

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Is Pico-Robertson Boring?

I’ve lived in and around Pico/Robertson since coming to L.A. March 30, 1994. I love it here but not for the intellectual excitement. I usually have to drive outside of the community to find that. Most people, Jews or goyim, … Continue reading

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