Scary Man Lets The Racial Epithets Fly

Posts: * Yesterday as my husband and I were getting out of our car, a man walked past us and yelled out to us, “hey long hair, hey white boy, you should know what you marry into is a reflection of you bitch”. We’re pretty friendly with our neighbors and are used to saying hi to everyone we come across but we did not recognize this individual and I did not like his tone. He was mumbling something else out loud as he made his way down Pickford. This is the first time in four years that someone made me feel uncomfortable in this neighborhood. Has anyone else come across this?

Description of person involved – Hair: Black, Bottom: Pinstripe pants, Build: Thin, Race: African-American, Sex: M, Other details: I don’t exaggerate when I say he seemed to be dressed like Sammy Davis Jr. Pinstriped short pants, the white socks, slicked back hair, thin frame. I actually noticed him before we parked the car because he looked so dapper! So that whole incident caught us by surprise. I did not like it.

* It’s really scary what our neighborhood is becoming. I’ve lived here for 32 years and now it’s unrecognizable… I want to be proud there’s a diversity of people here, but honestly I prefer the group we were in 1985, all respecting of the other, maybe not interacting much, but highly RESPECTING each one! So sad now and scary times with thefts and some crazy people around.

* Friday a man who’d parked in front of our house drove off, parked again, then turned his car around and called my husband a non-applicable racial epithet neither of us have ever used.

* That guy did the exact same to us. I am pretty sure he lives on the 1000 block of Point View in South Carthay. I wasn’t sure why he did that but I think he was responding to my pointing to my car and he thought I was pointing at him. Strange!

* I’ve seen him around the neighborhood and 7-11, sometimes with another guy. About a month or two ago, while I was working on our place, he walked by me on Whitworth and said something, let’s just say, “unsettling” and completely out of any context. This was AFTER I said hello.

* This neighborhood has gone so downhill. The other week I saw a huge muscled out guy in broad daylight walking by aiming his hand like a gun at a lady in her car while saying “I’ll kill you bitch”. He ran off down the street, came back with a window squeegee, and started hitting random cars with it and trying to open the car doors.

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