Mentally Unstable Woman seen again on South Wooster

Post: Last September, my boyfriend and I found a middle aged mentally unstable woman sleeping on our front porch multiple times. We called the cops a dozen times in a month but they weren’t able to do anything because our building didn’t have the appropriate signage to arrest her for trespassing (even though she used our door as a restroom and would use very violent language when she was found). In speaking with neighbors on Wooster, I found out that she has been found in dozens of other buildings in the neighborhood and even attempted to assault a landlord. He got a restraining order against her and she eventually went to jail. Sadly she was released recently and her elderly mother (a resident of Wooster near Whitworth) has taken her in once again. Her name is Reyna Woodruff, she is 65 years old, 5’4″, 100 lbs, dark hair with gray streaks. She is a repeat offender with many charges, even an unrelated felony. She is not someone we want roaming around in the neighborhood. It’s clear she is most likely mentally unstable and gets confused easily but she can get aggressive and angry. I wasn’t able to get a proper picture of her while she was yelling at me this evening as we found her again in our garage, using it as a restroom. We told her this was not her property and she yelled but eventually went away. When we first encountered her last year, we tried to help her but she would yell at us. Normally I would feel badly for someone in her situation but it makes me feel unsafe to know that she is back, and the police are unable to do anything about it. If you see her, stay away and stay safe. If anyone has any advice about how to properly handle this, we would love to know.

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