Flies Everywhere

Comment: Is anyone else having issues with swarms of flies in their yards or around the neighborhood? This is our first summer in this house so we’re not sure if this is normal for this area or if there’s something about our house that’s attracting them. We don’t ever have rotting trash or greenery out, and now we even wash out our garbage cans out every couple weeks just in case. We’re not sure what’s going on but it’s horrible. Can’t hang out in our own backyard. Could the cause be in the pipes??? Help!!!

* Sewers don’t typically have flies. Sewer leaks under the building will attract what we call sewer flies. Very small winged flies that typically stay on the wall or ceiling. Not you normal house fly.

But sewers do have beetles. We’re not talking Ringo, George or Paul. But large water beetles that will survive nuclear fallout. Fortunately they have an almost impossible task of getting into the house with a proper
Working waste system. Make sure any unused sinks, showers , toilets are used every week or 2 to keep water in the trap /” U Bend” it’s the water in the trap that prevents sewer gasses, smells or bugs from entering the home.

So if you have a spare bathroom with the kids off to school, make sure you run the fixtures for a few seconds every week or 2.

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