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Breakin South Of Pico/Saturn

Comment: Break in @ our residence Saturn…the youngster caught on camera. He entered from alley & surely he hangs around on Saturn with friends. Photos will follow, he didn’t take any valuables, maybe looking for cash. Also the high alarm … Continue reading

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The Coyote Returns

Comment: The coyote reported last week (Monday, Jul 17) was spotted again last night (Wednesday, Jul 26) in the Halm Street/Cadillac area at approximately midnight. If you’re going to the meeting about coyote sightings tonight (I will be at work), … Continue reading

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Dirty Streets!

Comment: Am I the only one who notices that the streets between Robertson and La Cienega, between Whitworth and Pico are so dirty?! People dump all their unwanted items, appliances, garbage on the streets and items sit there for weeks. … Continue reading

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