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Crest just south of Pico Blvd:



Miriam: I think that is all one man’s “mansion”. He was moved from a few blocks over to Crest and has major mental issues. The restaurants in the area enables him.

Darren: You have no idea. This one homeless guy [Yoel, an Ashkenazi Jew] created a shanty village. And some “compassionate” neighbors are enabling him. Authorities have come in to “fix” the situation, and neighbors interfere.

Chaim Amalek: Good for him! Were not we once a nation of homesteaders, poor white folk who were trying to make it on their own in a hostile world? That’s what these people are doing. Not mooching off some shelter system, but trying to build the best life for themselves that they can.

Michoel Bloom: Thank the ACLU for suing the city of LA. The city can’t do anything about the homeless anymore.
Then there’s the community who enable them (this one especially)
His name is Joel. While I was there with LAPD, City Council office, and city attorney, we asked him why he won’t live in a shelter or in a different Neighborhood. He said “why would I? They feed me, & clothe me right here.

Right after he said that, a car pulled up and delivered him food.

Daniel: He’s mentally disturbed and yells disgusting things at girls who pass by. He said horrible to my mother right after my grandmother passed away. He used to hang out in the alley behind my grandmother’s house and knew when she died.

His very presence brings diseases to the area. After being away for a while, he came back. Shortly afterward, I saw rats running around, which I had never seen there before. The do-gooders that enable him don’t have to live with him in their backyard. They come from other areas to eat at the restaurants, give him their leftovers, then go back to their homes feeling like saints, while we have to deal with his filth and high-pitched screeches.

The city doesn’t do a damn thing either, despite numerous complaints from both residents and business owners. Apparently, his rights are more important than those of us who pay high taxes and rent to live in a decent neighborhood.

He should be in an institution. Not on a residential street with women and children who have to cross the street when they walk by out of fear and disgust.

I can’t stand to see the neighborhood my family has lived in for more than 60 years turn into Skid Row.

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