Kabbalah-Infused Shabbat In Westwood

Westwood Jewish Center 1651 Westwood Blvd L.A. 90024 is a short walk from the “W” & the Palomar hotels.

Celebrate Shabbos, make new friends & enjoy festive meals all while learning about Jewish mysticism, kabbalah, reincarnation & more- from world renowned experts!

Ever wished you met Albert Einstein? Well, the Albert Einsteins Of Judaism and kabbalah, Rabbi & Mrs. Freeman are here as our featured speakers for the pre- Pesach Shabatton. Topics include: “Men, women & Kabbalah”, “Life after life” & more. Make sure to bring all your questions about Judaism, Kabblah or even personal questions.

Candle lighting 6:49 followed by kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv.

Shabbaton Schedule:
8:00 PM Kiddush & Dinner – “Is There Life After Life?” Mrs. Nomi Freeman
9:00 am- pre services refreshments & Jewish mysticism class
9:30 am – Morning services
10:15 am -Torah Reading
12:00 pm – Rabbi Kashani sermon
12:45 pm – Kiddush & lunch – “How to find your Bashert & keep it”- Rabbi Tzvi Freeman
6:00 pm – Mincha followed by Ma’ariv
7:45 pm -Havdalah & rooftop Kumzitz

Students/ group (10 or more) rate- $50 for the entire Shabbaton or $18 per meal/ Havdalah Rooftop Kumzitz (Contact Vered kashani for that rate)
$36 per meal or $99 for all Shabbat meal. Havdalah &Rooftop Kumzitz INCLUDED
Bring a friend and save: $150 per couple
For a special $149 rate for a double- bed room (up to 5 (FIVE!) people) @ the Palomar call Matthew @ (424) 901-7264 and ask for the Westwood Jewish center rate

Limited scholarships available.
For more info call (310) 312-5617
(310) 441-1018
E-mail Veredkashani@gmail.com

About Luke Ford

Raised a Seventh-Day Adventist at Avondale College in Australia, Luke Ford moved to California in 1977. He graduated from Placer High School in 1984, reported the news at KAHI/KHYL radio for three years, attended Sierra College and UCLA, was largely bedridden by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for six years, and converted to Judaism in 1993. From 1997-2007, Luke made his living from blogging. Living by Beverly Hills (Alexander90210.com), he now teaches the Alexander Technique (moving the way the body likes to move). Lessons cost $100 each and last about 45 minutes. In 2011, Luke completed a three-year teaching course at the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles. His personal Alexander Technique website is Alexander90210.com. Luke is the author of five books, including: » The Producers: Profiles in Frustration » Yesterday’s News Tomorrow: Inside American Jewish Journalism
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