What Happened At Pico/Robertson Intersection This Morning?

A friend emails: I was en route to work at 10:20 am this morning when stopped in first position at a red light on the northbound left turn out lane of Robertson at Pico. Just then two pedestrians crossed the street right in front of me, from the South East corner to the South West corner. This is where they stopped, awaiting the light to then cross Pico going northbound. Suddenly my left-turn green arrow came, so I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of them, as I was preparing to do. Do you have any idea who they are, or did you get reports about them this morning…..?:

Him: Man in mid to late 40’s or so, with olive skin, close-cropped hair, balding. Light blue-ish short sleeved button down shirt tucked into trousers. BIG ol’ stomach. Kippah on.

Her: late 20’s to 30’s Caucasian with Long Platinum blonde hair a la Amy Winehouse. But much messier. Teased super high, super wide, and super long. BIG sunglasses. White or light sleeveless blouse to her waist. Hip-hugger jeans. Bare stomach and back in between the blouse and her jeans.

Them: holding hands. Yes! holding hands.

Him once stopped at crosswalk: puts his arm around her, then kisses her.

Her (saw this as I was pulling my left turn): not reciprocating, incredibly droll look on face.

I wanted to get a pic sooo badly of this unlikely pairing; this exercise in non-kosher showmanship by a Kippah’d yid in one of L.A.’s most kosher parts of town–but couldn’t do it in time. Calling my sister, I figured it was an obvious trick he was with, but instead of being surreptitious, he wanted to parade her around. Somehow, she went along with it.

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