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Leah Kleim posts: Can you please post this ? I dunno what your take on Chabad is but its for a good deed, and its the month of Elul, we can all use as many of those as we can get, worst case scenerio … my name brings you more traffic.

basically its a genius idea in marketing.
kohls (this time) needs to donate a lot of money to charity for tax reasons or whatever.
So they are donating 10 million to schools. 20 schools can receive $500.000 to be used for a specific project. So they can build a new classroom or playground or buy computers but can’t pay salaries with it.

So kohls got smart and instead of donating all their charity to one school in afghanistan which would get them a 3 line article in some local newspaper they decided to get their money’s worth. So they made this thing online where first you have to click the like button on their page and allow them (limited) access to some info from your account (which of course can be used for targeted advertizing in the future). Then you have 20 votes to give out to any of the schools on the list. There are certain guidelines as to which schools qualify but basically all jewish private school can be in there. You can vote up to 5 times per school. So most people vote for 4 different schools but some others give 1 vote each to 20 differnt schools.
Some schools got really into it and started investing a lot of money to stay in the top 20. This resulted in crazy webtraffic with youtube promos and also got people to stand in malls and pizza shops to promote their cause. This made the news so kohls ended up being discussed by many newspapers and tv stations.
At the moment there are a bunch of jewish schools in the top 20 incl some lubavitch ones. And unless some schools have some surprises for us, the race will be between the top25 or so schools. Lubavitch yeshiva was holding 16th place a few hours ago and is working hard to maintain that spot in the top 20. By now it is important to vote for jewish school on the bottom of the top 20 and not give any votes to the higher ones which will possibly push out a jewish number 20.
So better give it to a jewish #22 or 19 (if thats the case) or dont use the other votes at all.
Everyone has heard about the voting and many ppl have actually wasted their votes already but i believe that there r many ppl like u out there that never bothered looking into it.
In order to get people’s attention again I created an event with a catchy name where it is easy to invite ppl (just click the select guest to invite button and select all your friends). It also explains why it is important to actually vote this time.

so go vote (u can go directly to and invite all ur friends. It doesn’t matter if they know who and what the school is. Fact is that it is tomchei temimim and that is an institution founded by the Rebbe Rashab and always close to the Rebbe’s heart so i figured it won’t hurt to endorse it.

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