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Bnai David-Judea Classes

From Half hour of Halacha: Laws of Kriat Shema Sundays 9:00 pm BEGINS TOMORROW NOVEMBER 1 with Rav Yosef THIS WEEK, IN THE BEIT MEDRASH! Gemara Shiur: Massechet Kiddushin Mondays 7:30-9:00 pm, BEGINS This Week, NOVEMBER 3 (just one … Continue reading

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Comedy For

As many of you know, Avi Liberman has lead a group of comedians to Israel the past 8 years, with all proceeds going to Tzedakah. The last two tours have benefited the Koby Mandell Foundation, an organization that has a … Continue reading

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Connect With JConnectLA

From Fri   10/30            Shabbat Tent @ Phish Festival in Indio Sun 11-8,15, 22   Secrets of a Successful Relationship Class T/W 11/10-11       A Touch of Bibliyoga Mon 11/17            Business Wisdom Sat  12/12            Chanukah Party … Continue reading

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YICC’s Women’s Tehillim Group

Check out for more information about the shul and this group. Our Tehillim Group which meets each Tuesday at 8 p.m. prays for Cholim, Shiduchim, & Israel. This Tuesday, October 27th, we have been requested to include the yeshiva boys stranded … Continue reading

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The Last Ember

Daniel Levin – “THE LAST EMBER” The Debut Novel by Daniel Levin Author Talk and Signing “Deadly Revisionism on The Temple Mount” Thursday, November 5th 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. Skirball Cultural Center 2701 N. Sepulved Blvd. Los Angeles, California “A … Continue reading

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My Own Real Estate Disaster

I’m like Chairman Mao. I win hearts and minds and I live off the land in my little hovel. I devote myself to providing good blog posts for the community so they can have something to share with each over … Continue reading

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Beth Jacob’s Rabbi Kalman Topp Visits Israel

He writes: Dear Friend, I’m writing this email to let you know that I just arrived in Israel for a unique and exciting trip. Under the leadership of the Israeli Consulate of Los Angeles, twenty Rabbis from the area from … Continue reading

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LimmudLA 2010 In February

1,000 Jews. 250 Choices. 1 Weekend. LimmudLA Conference 2010. Considering being a Conference Presenter? Sign-up Deadline Coming Up! Last year at Conference we had over 100 volunteer presenters! If you would like to present a session at this year’s Conference, … Continue reading

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Beth Jacob Hosts Big Israeli Rabbi

Scholar in Residence – Rabbi David Stav Rabbi David Stav, a graduate of Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav, is the Rabbi of the town of Shoham. He is a co-founder and a leader of Tzohar Foundation, and a spokesman for Roshei Yeshivot … Continue reading

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