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A Pico-Robertson shul emails its list: One of the most common crimes in the neighborhood surrounding us is burglary or theft from motor vehicles (BTFV). This crime takes place over 100 times a month on average in West LA alone. Car windows can quickly and relatively quietly be smashed and property removed in a few short moments. Car alarms generally prove ineffective against this smash-and-grab type of crime and in addition to the stolen property you will also have the hassle and expense of replacing your car window.
BTFV, however, happens to be one of the most preventable crimes. A prospective thief will usually only target a vehicle they suspect or know has valuable property inside. When you park your car remove cell phones, cameras, laptops, wallets, purses, mp3 players, GPS devices, and other valuables. Do not leave gift-wrapped packages or large sealed boxes or bags on the seats. Lock all valuables in your trunk or preferably take them with you. If the items must remain in the car, at a minimum keep them out of sight. At night, it is best to park in well-lit areas with lots of people around or in your home garage.
Let your friends and neighbors know when a BTFV crime has occurred in your area. Often a thief will target one area repeatedly over the course of a few days. Keeping people informed will allow them to take extra precautions to prevent becoming the next victim.
Contact the LAPD to report any suspicious activity, especially people looking into cars. You can contact the LAPD West Los Angeles Division at 310-444-0701 to report a crime or suspicious activity.

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