A Healing Havdalah Celebration Saturday Night

Does anyone want to share a ride to this event?

From LimmudLA.org:

We are Democrats. We are Republicans.

But we are all Jews.

On Saturday night, November 8th at 7pm, we will come together and put politics behind us. The etiquette of the evening is that we will not cheer for the winner or lament for the loser. We will not speak publicly or even whisper between us to make anyone feel that they voted the wrong way.

We will celebrate Havdalah together on the beach and sing our hearts out. We will then break into small groups on the sand for a Torah-inspired learning session about healing community differences.

Who would plan a HEALING HAVDALAH and think about our community in this way through all its diversity? LimmudLA.

For those of you attended last year, you will remember the raucous, spiritual, celebratory parking lot Havdalah attended by 600 Jews of every persuasion as the highlight of an incredible event. Now, we are doing the HEALING HAVDALAH on November 8th to give you a taste of the even bigger and better LimmudLA that will take place again on Presidents’ Day weekend, 2009.

Be present on the evening of November 8th. Bring your instruments and drums. Inhale the blended essences of the varied Havdalah spices that represent our diversity as Jews. Leave plenty of time for travel and parking. Don’t be a minute late. Because Havdalah doesn’t wait. It will begin at 7pm sharp. All ages welcome.

When: Saturday November 8, 2008 @ 7:00pm
Where: Dockweiler Beach, where the 105/Imperial Highway meets the beach
What to bring: Sweatshirts. Blankets. Instruments. Drums.

Please forward this email to 10 Jewish friends or relatives who should be at this Healing Havdalah and know about LimmudLA.

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