Rabbi Nachum Shifren Runs For LAUSD Board

Here is his website.

Here is his platform:

No to Reconquista.

Replace “Multi-culturalism” with pride in America, its language and culture.

No to dumbing down curriculum; keep the standards high for the future of our country.

Deport illegal gang bangers destroying our schools.

Zero tolerance for terrorizing students and teachers.

Here is his picture:

When Rabbi Shifren is elected, he pledges an all-out war against student obesity and lack of fitness.

“I believe every board member has the obligation to PERSONALLY serve as an example of what it means to have a fit America, students with strong minds and bodies, ready and willing to carry the torch for future generations. Never before have our youth been so challenged, with all the issues they face. Being physically fit will enable them to confront all the stresses and difficulties they face with confidence and bolstered self-esteem. I intend to start jogging clubs at schools in the 4th District, and personally run with all the schools to encourage them on their own quest to better fitness.”

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