A Thumbs Down On Delice Bistro

I had a great experience at Delice Bistro and my friend the foodie and I agreed it was the best kosher restaurant in town.

Ellia Kassoff (CEO of Strategic Software Resources, Inc.) had a different experience.

He emails:

Hi, I watched your video of Delice Bistro and I have to say, I did not have the same experience.  Here is my post:

This place was awful!!!  I’m kosher, and a friend recommend I try it out for my dad’s birthday.  I was so excited to try a French, Kosher restaurant and it went downhill from there.  We had a new server who was nice but didn’t give the greatest service.  We all ordered and I asked for the most expensive dish which was the beef rib eye.  It sounded so good.  I asked the server to make it medium well but not dry.  Next, we began to wait and wait…the people next to us who came in 20 minutes after us got their food but we had to wait 30 min. for ours!  When I got my plate, the steak was small, burned, dry and fatty.  I cut into it and it was sooo dry and fatty.  I polity let the waitress know I was unhappy and she said there was nothing she could do.  That was interesting..Next, when she came to my table, I gave her the plate, uneaten and was never asked if I wanted anything else.  After my dad and his wife, ate the over-priced salad, and entree, the manager came over to see how things were. I mentioned the problem and he looked puzzled, like I was expecting.. I don’t know… food?  Since the waitress just took the dish, I thought they were re-making the steak but nope..He then asked if I wanted anything else and I said it was too late and no one had asked till now.  So, you would now think when the check comes, the steak would be off the bill?  Nope!  The steak was still there and the manager said he was told by the owner that it could not be taken off, since I ordered it well done, which I never did.  Here is the REAL kick; I went to speak to the owner; (who never came over to discuss the problem) and told him the problem.  He then told me it was my fault for ordering the steak well-done and he instructs his wait staff never to recommend well-done because it come out dry. I was never told by the server and then told him I eat well and med-well all the time at other places and they never are this bad.  I also said that I never ordered it well done and he insisted I did.  It didn’t matter. To my shock, he said he was charging me for it and it was my entire fault.  Can you believe that?  It gets better!!  Then the waitress comes over and explains that it was actually her fault since I was correct that I did not order the steak well done.  The owner said nothing and still insisted I still had to pay for it, after the server said it was her fault.  He then said that they don’t make mistakes!
I’m sorry, but would you eat at a place where the owner doesn’t care about his customers?  He actually told me that it was my problem and he gets enough customers so he wasn’t worried about losing a few.  
What really upsets me is many kosher restaurants seem to have this arrogance..until they close and wonder why… This was the first time eating out in my life when something I ordered came out bad and the restaurant insisted it was my fault and made me pay for a dish I never even ate.

I hope he closes and then he will see why customers are so important..

All I can say is try to go to places where they understand that mistakes are made and try to fix them quickly, politely and make sure the customer will come back.  I will never go back again…

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