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Ethiopian Jews Shabbat Morning

Join us this Shabbat July 12th, 20 minutes after Services end, in the main Sanctuary as Babara Ribakove Gordon Director of North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry (NACOEJ). 

NACOEJ is the only national organization whose sole agenda is Ethiopian Jewry.  In Israel, NACOEJ creates and administers essential educational programs for Ethiopian Jews from elementary school through high school, college and graduate school. In Ethiopia, since 1990, NACOEJ has provided urgently needed food, education, employment and religious facilities to Jewish men, women and children awaiting the opportunity to join their families in Israel. Barbara Ribakove Gordon travels frequently to Israel, Ethiopia and throughout the United States and Canada on behalf of Ethiopian Jews. 




in the Beit Midrash     for women only
Shabbat afternoon,    July 12th, @ 5:00 PM


Shirat Chana Shabbat Afternoon

For an innovative and intimate Shabbat Mincha and Torah reading . We will be having a special guest speaker:
Dinah Berland
and a joyous celebration of
 Flora Beck’s 80th Birthday
 Dinah will speak about the origins of women’s prayer,
 and about her work on the book:
Fanny Neuda’s Book of Prayers for Jewish Women




Shabbat afternoon, July 12th, Mincha @ 7:25 PM followed by Seuda Shelisheet & guest Lecturer.


Director of Kolot Seuda Shelisheet


Moti Bar-Or is an exceptional thinker and scholar who has taught Steven Spielberg and Bini Netanyahu, among other celebrated Jewish leaders and public figures.  Raised in Yerushalayim, he attended Hesder at Gush, fought in the 1st Lebanon war, and received smicha from Chief Rav Goren in 1984.  He taught and led several schools before founding Kolot, a Beit Midrash aimed at developing pluralistic Israeli lay leaders inculcated with values of Tikun Olam.  Bar-Or currently serves as Director of Kolot.  His topic at Seuda Shelisheet will be 

How “Jewish” is Israeli Leadership?


@ the Ablin/Below Home

Please call the office for the address. Shabbat afternoon July 19 @ 5:00 PM


Nosh & Drosh

It’s the best thing that ever happened to
long Shabbat afternoons.
childcare provided
in the host’s backyard.

Mandate or Mixed Message? A denominational analysis of Tikkun Olam as authentic religious expression. 


with Rabbi Ari Leubitz 



Shabbat afternoon July 19th, Mincha @ 7:20 PM followed by Seuda Shelisheet and guest Lecturer.


Gibraltarian Jewry   Seuda Shelisheet

Join us for Seuda Shelisheet with Rabbi Chanoch Boncheck, Limudei Kodesh teacher & Head Master for the coming year(s) in Gibraltar (Jordan & Vivian Lurie’s cousin).  As he shares words of Torah and talks to us about Gibraltarian Jewry. 




Sunday July 20th, Mincha @ 7:25 PM followed by Special Tefillot & D’var Torah.


Shiva Asar b’Tammuz

Join us for the OU Annual Community Wide Mincha/Ma’ariv, with Recitation of Tefillot for Medinat Yisrael and Tzahal.  D’var Torah:  “The Flip Side of Power is Responsibility” with Rabbi Elchanan Jay Weinbach Shalhevet Head of School.



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