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San Francisco Premiere Of ‘Praying In Her Own Voice’

Producer Ravit Marcus emails: Our official Cal premiere is coming up at the San Francisco Jewish Film festival on Thursday at the Castro at 3:15pm and at the Roda Theater in Berkeley on Sunday August 3rd at 4pm followed by … Continue reading

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Burning Off Warts

I went to Walgreens on the corner of Pico and Robertson Blvds and asked this Hispanic girl in the skincare section for something to burn off warts. She had me repeat my question. Then said, “No, there’s nothing.” I didn’t … Continue reading

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Gift Cards At Ralphs

If you haven’t seen this, at Ralph’s they are selling gift cards in increments of $300 (up to $1200) that are tied in with one’s Ralph’s card. The idea is that they’ll give you a 10% bonus. So, you buy … Continue reading

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Can A Convert’s Conversion Be Annulled Retroactively?

Rabbi Yosef Carmel speaking on Shabbos @ Yavneh.

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Adeena Bleich For LA City Council

David Suissa writes: Adeena Bleich and former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg at a bar mitzvah in Hancock Park. If you want to really annoy Adeena Bleich, just ask her what it feels like to be a young Orthodox woman running … Continue reading

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JConnectLA’s Happy Hour At La Gondola

Special Guest Speaker – Joan Hyler – “One Woman’s Journey” Special Happy Hour Menu plus 25% off regular menu & bar DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR BUSINESS CARDS!!! Special Musical Appearance by Jconnect’s Jazzy Jew! Richard Glaser, a jazz musician, … Continue reading

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Finding Meaning In Tragedy

From  This evening will be dedicated to the strength, sustenance and prosperity of all the Jewish community not only in Los Angeles, but for the entire world as we go into the 3 weeks before Tisha B’Av. Tuesday,July 23, … Continue reading

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VideoJew Does Hadassah

July 17, 2008 | 9:03 am VideoJew does Hadassah The 94th annual Hadassah convention recently traveled to Los Angeles and VideoJew Jay Firestone was all over it, like jelly on gefilte fish. To get a feel for the convention, … Continue reading

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‘A Black Day For Israel’

( After two years of speculation about the condition of two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah terrorists on the Israel-Lebanese border in the summer 2006, the remains of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were transferred to Israel earlier today. The … Continue reading

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Ask The Rabbi

From the Texas Jewish Post: By Rabbi Yerachmiel D. Fried Dear Rabbi Fried, I have trouble understanding the 10th commandment, “Thou shalt not covet.” It seems to be an injunction forbidding jealousy. How can jealousy, a normal human emotion, be … Continue reading

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