Bnai David Should Have A Good Kiddish Shabbos Morning


Candlelighting: 7:49 PM.


Kabbalat Shabbat

@ 6:30

Alex Fax


Parashat Balak



Zman Kriat Shma:  9:25

Teen Minyan In the Beit Medrash

@ 9:15 AM followed by Teen (only) Kiddush

sponsored this week by

Leon & Leila Cohen in honor of their son

Avi’s Bar Mitzvah Anniversary.

Shacharit: Daniel Gumpright

Anim Z’mirot:

K’riat HaTorah: Avi mermelstein,

HaHatan Daniel Gumpright

Haftorah Introduction: Yehuda Hausman

Please join us this Shabbat in welcoming our newest addition to the B’nai David-Judea family, Yehuda Hausman and his wife Aliza, Yehuda will be serving as BDJ’s Rabbinic Intern for the next year. Yehuda is a third year student at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School in New York. Yehuda will be at BDJ throughout the entire summer and will then join us on several Shabbatot during the school year. We are very excited to have Yehuda with us and we look forward to Yehuda sharing his thoughts and perspectives with our community. We hope that Yehuda greatly benefits from his time with us.

Haftorah: Rabbi Brian Walt

D’var Torah: Rabbi Leubitz

Musaf: Harold Walt

Harold and Brenda Walt and Sheila and John Gumpright

invites the Congregation to Kiddush

in the Social Hall in honor of Yona and Daniel’s wedding.

Join us today, 20 minutes after Services end, in the main Sanctuary with Babara Ribakove Gordon Director of North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry (NACOEJ).


Shirat Chana at 5pm

For an innovative and intimate Shabbat Mincha and Torah reading . We will be having a special guest speaker:
Dinah Berland
and a joyous celebration of
 Flora Beck’s 80th Birthday
 Dinah will speak about the origins of women’s prayer,
 and about her work on the book:
Fanny Neuda’s Book of Prayers for Jewish Women

Mincha 7:20 PM 

Followed by Seudah Shlisheet sponsored by

Harold and Brenda Walt in honor of

Yona and Daniel’s wedding.

Followed by guest lecturer Rabbi Moti Bar-or, “How Jewish is Israeli Leadership?”  Rabbi Bar-or has taught and lead several schools before founding Kolot, a Beit Midrash aimed at developing pluralistic Israeli lay leaders inculated with values of Tikun Olam.  

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