Kosher Water

You can’t have too much of a good thing.

From the Jewish Journal:

The Pico-Robertson neighborhood is the spiritual, cultural and commercial center of L.A.’s Modern Orthodox community.

There are schools, shuls, David Suissa, and, of course, fools, Miriam and Shoshana, and now, it seems the Hood is the world headquarters of a new kosher water bottling enterprise, Mizmor Kosher Water.

Bloggish co-blogger Jay Firestone wrote about Mizmor here.

Until I heard about Mizmor I had no idea water could be kosher — or un-kosher for that matter. I had to turn to the WWW to research it for myself. Yes, Google is my Rebbe. ;-)

Sure enough, the Orthdox Union is on the case. Teeny weeny shellfish like critters could be in your water and they’re too small to see. Ergo, don’t drink the tap water in New York City
— filter it first.

And it’s the OU that certifies the Mizmor mayim, as we learn in VideoJew Jay Firestone’s video, in which he tests the water, so to speak.

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