Hostile Mixed Race Couple In White Van Without License Plates Casing 90035 Shuls

A white van without license plates has been seen casing at least two shuls in 90035 and also it was spotted driving around a yeshiva. This has all happened in the past three weeks.

The van is driven by a black man and a latino woman. They often have their kid in the van with them.

The van will circle around a shul and the woman takes photos with her white iPhone. When told to move on, the black man yells, “My wife likes photography.”

The van has no license plates.

It was first seen, according to what I have heard, on Shuvuot and then again last Sabbath. A police report was filed.

The couple appear to be in their early 30s and seem aggressive and hostile. They remind me of the San Bernardino terrorists. Their identity is unknown.

Most major shuls in 90035 have armed security guards on Shabbos.

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Let’s Make 90035 Great Again!

Friend: “Truth be told, I hate that place. I hate Pico, it’s dirty, overcrowded, smoggy and I don’t like most of the people there. The only good thing is walking distance to shul and convenience of kosher items. I’m also tired of “orthodoxy” in general. It seems more like an “act” that people like to play over their beards and wigs, but under their hypocrisy and insensitive emotions. Sadly, people act like “Pico” is the bright light of the country….the place to be. All its bug infested 6 blocks strip of land. A world wonder.”

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When meeting someone in Los Angeles people often ask “where did you grow up?”

Well, in my case I was born in Philadelphia, attended F.S. Edmonds Elementary, Leeds Jr. High and Central High. I left Philadelphia for Penn State and then Brown University. I lived for a while in the Poconos in Pennsylvania and then returned to the Philadelphia area where I joined the nascent Subaru Financial Services (the financial services division of the car company). While at Subaru I lived briefly back in New England and then in South Jersey. When I left Subaru I helped form Aon Capital Corporation in Chicago, and moved to California to manage a lending subsidiary of Aon. That subsidiary was eventually sold. I spent a few years consulting, and somehow added a wholesale international travel company to the consulting. When my company’s focus on Asia became a liability during the SARS epidemic I decided to pursue my love of high-tech, and joined Panasonic Avionics Corporation. More recently I left Panasonic to return to my own business. Currently I develop software, and am working on a hardware start-up.

So where did I grow up? I grew up right here in Los Angeles, and I continue to grow up here.

Why re-elect Ken for the SORO Neighborhood Council?
The South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (SORO NC) is part of the Los Angeles city government, and has direct influence on community issues which will, over time, directly impact all of us who have a stake in SORO. What kind of issues come before the council? Some recent examples are: How can we get better management of a local city park, to make it a friendlier, safer place for our kids, families and friends? Should we support a new (eyesore) cell tower installation for the carrier that already claims to have the best coverage in the neighborhood? Should liquor sale hours be extended for a local store? Should the community support the building of a new synagogue or church or a new housing development? How can we support more growth of small businesses in our community (while I advocate for small businesses generally, my interest is seeing a growth over many types of businesses and services, and not just medical marijuana and massage stores). The list of issues goes on and on.

Vote for me because I will approach each vote with core values that reflect my life as a well-educated religious father, husband and businessperson. I want a safe, inclusive and vibrant community for my family and for yours. I want to see our community act as a model for interpersonal decency and responsibility in the way we treat each other – from the poorest to the richest. And my board involvements and actions will always reflect these values. Vote for me.

The text that follows comes from the SORO website –

The eligibility test for voting in the SORO election is much more generous than other city, state and federal elections.

If you are 15 or older, and a SORO stakeholder (even if you are not a US citizen), you can vote.

A stakeholder is someone who can say yes to any of the following:

Do you live within the SORO borders?
Do you work within the SORO borders?
Do you own real property within the SORO borders?
Can you affirm that you have ongoing and substantial participation in a community organization within the SORO borders, whether an educational and/or non-profit organization (like a synagogue church, temple or mosque), or other SORO local organization?
Voting in the SORO election is especially meaningful for teenagers who are 15 or older, but not yet old enough to vote in general elections. What a great way to participate in American democracy in a meaningful way.

What is SORO NC?
The South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (SORO NC) was chartered on August 13, 2002 as 40th Council within the City of Los Angeles’s Neighborhood Council system. The NC system was created in 1999 to allow those who live, work, volunteer, learn, or worship in a particular neighborhood—stakeholders—an opportunity to have a voice in community and city decisions. Each of the 96 neighborhood councils is currently funded with $42,000 yearly by the City.

How does SORO NC run?
The Board of SORO NC has 25 seats, all or part of which are filled at any given time. These seats represent geographical areas [zones], organizations and businesses. Any stakeholder within the SORO NC borders may run as a candidate in ageneral NC election, or submit an application to be appointed to a vacant seat, if he or she meets the criteria for that particular position. The full Board meets once a month, at the General Board Meeting. In addition, the NC operates committees to address a wide cross-section of community issues. These committees meet throughout the month and are attended by both Boardmembers and stakeholders.

What does SORO NC do?
In addition to working closely with City departments, our neighborhood council is very active in the community. We are dedicated to the economic revitalization of our area, and run a number of projects and events. Check out our Programs area and individual Committee pages for more details.

How did SORO NC start?
In December 1996, residents within the South Robertson Blvd. area were asked by Fifth District City Councilmember Mike Feuer if they were interested in participating in the formation of a “livable neighborhood council” to improve the quality of life in their community. Tenth District Councilmember Nate Holden joined the revitalization efforts, and in 1997 the South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (SoRo) was formally established with Susan Bursk as its first President.

This early experiment in community participation was incorporated as a non-profit organization focused on improvements to the southern portion of Robertson Blvd. It quickly won a $400,000 grant for civic improvements and organized the first annual SoRo Community Festival. Indeed, it was successful enough that SoRo became a model used by the 1999 City Charter commission when drafting the framework for a citywide neighborhood council system.

By 2002, voters had approved the new city charter (officially making NCs part of the city government) and a plan for a full NC system was in place. SoRo applied for and received City certification, becoming SORO NC.

Some of the founding members preserved the non-profit as a separate entity, now known as the SoRo Community Foundation, Inc. SoRo CF continues to produce the SoRo Festival each year.


Housing Up 51% Since 2004 In 90035

Washington Post: A single-family home in Zip code 90035 in Los Angeles, Calif., was worth $1.3 million on average in 2015, about 51 percent more than in 2004. It’s a moderately populated, mostly white area.

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The Sad Decline South Of Pico

Comment: I used to live in Beverly Hills and the ladies there were gorgeous. Would dress well, showing God-given cleavage at times in lovely sundresses.

Moved 5 miles south. Eesh

And this was before the proliferation of yoga pants, aside from actually doing yoga.

Now I’ve got the United Nations supermarket in my ghetto area and you’ll see one hot Latina or Armenian girl dolled up out the 1000s of fatassery there.

I was south of Pico Blvd which is ’nuff said.

Surprising how shit can deteriorate in such close proximity.

For those not in CA, do a google maps “drive” on Sunset Blvd from east to west and be amazed at the transition.

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There’s Got To Be A Story Here

Case Type: Civil Petition – Change of Name (General Jurisdiction)
Case#: BS157102
Attorneys: MEYERS AMI – Attorney for PL/PET
Date Filed: 08/04/2015

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Serious Modern Orthodox Learning In Los Angeles


Why the need for this program?

Los Angeles has the second largest observant Jewish community in the United States. While there are more than 10 boys’ high schools to serve this community, there is NOT ONE post-high school yeshiva in Los Angeles where these students can continue to learn after they graduate. As a result, most men who want to continue in their Torah learning leave Los Angeles. They move to the east coast or Israel where yeshiva choices are plentiful.
It is time that we offer a Post High School Yeshiva in the thriving Orthodox Los Angeles community. We must consider some of the following reasons why this is an urgent need:

Not all high school graduates are ready or want to leave the comfort and support of their home communities. While many of our boys are eager to spread their wings and go elsewhere, some students would really rather stay in Los Angeles, and perhaps live at home while they are learning. Right now there is no viable option for these young men.

Living out of town is expensive! Families need to pay not only for yeshiva tuition, but room, board, expenses, plus travel back and forth for bein hazmanim. These costs become a burden, if not unaffordable for many. Consider how many families have more than one child who require this kind of support!

Our young, talented homegrown L.A.”Bochurs” begin to date when they are in yeshiva out of state. When they do get married, they often stay in that state, or move to another yeshiva and don’t return to Los Angeles. It is well known that many of our marriageable girls often need to endure the cost financially and emotionally of leaving Los Angeles to date. Though most would rather stay in Los Angeles near their own families and communities, they often do not return to our community when starting their own families. We are now in a cycle of exporting our yeshiva bochurim. We need to start investing in them HERE to create and build an infrastructure of support for them so they can stay and thrive in Los Angeles.

Let’s be honest: Not all our young men have the motivation or ability to learn all day long. Many are highly motivated to learn on a part-time basis. Perhaps they need to work part-time to help out financially or they want to start a career or college courses. We need to remember the Torah’s commandment to educate our children “al pi darco” and make other options available so they CAN continue learning in a way that works for them. How many men have we lost because there has been no option locally for part-time learning in a chevra with their peers? They go off to work or college and begin to lose their precious connection to Torah and even to Yiddishkeit.
Another talmid …off the derech!



Starting in the Fall of 2015, The LA Yeshiva Morning Program will launch an invigorating, meaningful learning program for men ages 18-22. Under the leadership of Rabbi Asher Brander, this yeshiva program will be housed in the esteemed LINK Kollel.

Dynamic, skilled, warm Rabbeim will work with each student to help him reach his potential and imbue him with an ahava for learning. These Rabbeim are not only teachers, they become mentors and friends, opening their hearts and their homes to their students.

Students will be part of a learning chevra in a warm and caring atmosphere. They will participate in out-of-town and in-town Shabbatons and special trips.

Our goal is to keep students more connected and growing in their learning each morning, while enabling them to stay in Los Angeles as they pursue a college education or career.


8:15 Morning minyan

9:15 Breakfast

9:30 Halachah/Mishna Brura

10:00 Gemara Chavrusa w/ supervision

10:45 Shiur

11:15 10 minute break

11:25 Chumash/Mishna/Ramban (to be decided)

12:15 End of morning program

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Glatt Mart Sued

Case Type: Intentional PI/PD/WD (eg. assault) (General Jurisdiction)
Case#: BC588668
Parties: BAROUK ISRAEL – PL/PET,CA GLATT MART – Def/Res,DOES 1-100 – Def/Res
Attorneys: KAHN ROVEN LLP – Attorney for PL/PET
Date Filed: 07/20/2015
Case Summary:

Darren Melamed: I was there when this happened. The customer went ballistic. Then he ran out of the store without paying. A few employees chased him, and started beating on him a little.
Luke Ford: High IQ Mexican employees?
Darren Melamed: No, Guatemalan, you fool!

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Stay Classy 90035!

Crest just south of Pico Blvd:



Miriam: I think that is all one man’s “mansion”. He was moved from a few blocks over to Crest and has major mental issues. The restaurants in the area enables him.

Darren: You have no idea. This one homeless guy [Yoel, an Ashkenazi Jew] created a shanty village. And some “compassionate” neighbors are enabling him. Authorities have come in to “fix” the situation, and neighbors interfere.

Chaim Amalek: Good for him! Were not we once a nation of homesteaders, poor white folk who were trying to make it on their own in a hostile world? That’s what these people are doing. Not mooching off some shelter system, but trying to build the best life for themselves that they can.

Michoel Bloom: Thank the ACLU for suing the city of LA. The city can’t do anything about the homeless anymore.
Then there’s the community who enable them (this one especially)
His name is Joel. While I was there with LAPD, City Council office, and city attorney, we asked him why he won’t live in a shelter or in a different Neighborhood. He said “why would I? They feed me, & clothe me right here.

Right after he said that, a car pulled up and delivered him food.

Daniel: He’s mentally disturbed and yells disgusting things at girls who pass by. He said horrible to my mother right after my grandmother passed away. He used to hang out in the alley behind my grandmother’s house and knew when she died.

His very presence brings diseases to the area. After being away for a while, he came back. Shortly afterward, I saw rats running around, which I had never seen there before. The do-gooders that enable him don’t have to live with him in their backyard. They come from other areas to eat at the restaurants, give him their leftovers, then go back to their homes feeling like saints, while we have to deal with his filth and high-pitched screeches.

The city doesn’t do a damn thing either, despite numerous complaints from both residents and business owners. Apparently, his rights are more important than those of us who pay high taxes and rent to live in a decent neighborhood.

He should be in an institution. Not on a residential street with women and children who have to cross the street when they walk by out of fear and disgust.

I can’t stand to see the neighborhood my family has lived in for more than 60 years turn into Skid Row.

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How Loud Is 90035?

According to, 90035 is relatively quiet: Soundscore™:

Vehicle noise: Light
Airport noise: Quiet
No airport within 6 mi.
Local Commercial Noise: Heavy
Local noise sources:

Noise in Los Angeles correlates with race. White people live in relatively quiet areas, blacks live in the loudest areas.

Ron Guhname writes: WASPs rule! I wrote in a recent post that I was getting the sense that Americans with Protestant European backgrounds were the best behaved. So I decided to sum all my prior post numbers that dealt with ethnicity and moral behavior to assess this idea systematically. I followed the simple strategy of assigning a rank for each behavior for each of the 8 ethnic groups with sufficiently large sample sizes. Jews were often ignored in previous posts since one must turn to the religion rather than the ethnicity variable to get estimates, but I wanted to include them, so I calculated numbers and then ranks for them.

I included all variables that I have posted on–here’s a list of them: okay to cheat on taxes; drinks too much; ethnocentric; dirty house; frequents prostitutes; promiscuous men over 30; feel that infidelity is not wrong; gay; lesbian; husbands and wives who cheat; fathers divorcing mom; women arrested; and promiscuity for men and women and under. I realized that I had not posted on drug abuse so I added that to the rest. I ranked group so high numbers indicate more bad behavior, then I simply summed the 16 rankings for each ethnic group. Here are the totals:

Bad Behavior Index

Blacks 106
Mexicans 85
American Indians 85
Italians 70
Irish 67
Jews 64
Germans 56
English/Welsh 47

My hunch was correct. This pattern coincides with that feeling that goes way back among nativists that the moral quality of the country was slipping with the mass immigration from Catholic, southern and eastern European countries, and more recently in concern over immigration from Mexico.

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